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Hello! This blog was previously thesafarizone but has now moved to a new blog with the same name in March, 2014. This is because I was unhappy with how I was running the blog, particularily how I never asked for artists permission before posting their works (info/why this is important: 1 2 3).
I felt it would be better to start over instead of just revamping the current blog.

I would appreciate it if when you see images posted by this blog and not the new one that you refrain from reblogging them (the new posts have disclaimers saying permission was granted). In general, please avoid reblogging works from pixiv/other offsite websites if it isn't made clear that the person was given permission to repost. And of course, it should go without saying that you shouldn't reblog unsourced/edited works. Thank you.


While I can remove the original post on this blog, this will not affect the reblogs; these will stay the same unless each user deletes the post.
To get your work completely removed from tumblr, fill out this form.

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